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Guild Message of the Day - May 26th
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Is better than u News

By: Wýcked - August 16th

Heroic aly down, 6/7 heroic top 100 us again.

kil video inc

By: Wýcked - August 11th

Heroic beth down! 5/7 heroic

Perfect execution of the hardest 10m hardmode besides rag gave us a late night kill. Hell, even crillic survived. Awesome job guys.

  • Seelenscherm: WE ARE SO FUCKING GOD!
By: Wýcked - August 4th

Crilic does it again folks, IBTU is 4/7h with heroic baleroc down!

Thats right everyone, crilic has successfully found a way to die in 4 consecutive progression kills! Oh, and heroic baleroc's dead.

3 more bosses for realm first spam guys, we're almost there, keep it up.


  • Aeleron: hahaha crilic, at least he died at the end
By: Wýcked - July 28th

Heroic Majordomo kill video


It was a perfect pull, we knew it was going to be a kill the second we saw crilic go down, it seems every fight he dies, we kill the boss.

By: Wýcked - July 26th

3/7 heroic, MAJORDOMO STAGHELM DOWN!!! top 65 US overall


Well, we're officially a top 100 US guild, pulling 2 bosses ahead of anyone on lethon. Majordomo kill vid INC. Also added a wowprogress SS to commemerate us breaking into the top 100

By: Wýcked - July 13th

Heroic shannox down

No pic but i figured it was worth mentioning. More to come.

By: Wýcked - July 2nd

4 days after patch, IBTY is the first lethon guild to clear firelands

This is our highest ranked kill yet, moving IBTU up to 135th in the US. On to hardmodes.

Just for the record, crillic died on the kill.....twice.



  • Seelenscherm: lulz
  • Ryustrife: ouch..
By: Wýcked - July 1st

And this is why we are better than u


Staghelm down, another server first. And more importantly, we get to see the last boss in the firelands reg modes on the the 3rd day after patch.

By: Wýcked - June 30th

RYUSTRIFE DOWN!...oh wait.

Ibtu ends the 2nd night of firelands realm 1st at 5/7.

  • Ryustrife: </3
By: Wýcked - June 30th

So, the 1 pull i died to a tornado

we killed aly....who'd a thunk.

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